Business Worthy

What is your business worth?

You go to Zillow to learn the value of your home. You go to Kelly Blue Book to learn the value of your car. But where do you go to learn the value of your business, your most important asset? Here!

There are are a few different ways to value your business. We use two of the most popular ways below - the market approach and the asset approach.

Let's Value Your Business!

First Method - Market Approach

Market Value Result:

Second Method - Asset Approach

Use audited financials numbers (if available) or last tax return numbers

Asset Value Result:

Who am I?

Justin Carter picture

Hi! I'm Justin Carter, a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), and I've spent twelve years working with small business owners trying to learn what their business is worth, first as a tax accountant and then as a financial advisor.

I want to give you an understanding of what your business is worth, so that the first time someone approaches you with an offer isn't the first time you start thinking about value.